3rd Annual Rock River Outfitters Night Stalker Catfish Tournament 2013

Rock River Outfitters Night Stalker Catfish Tournament

114 N River Road – Oregon, IL 61061 – Phone 815-732-9999

When: Friday, July 26 into Saturday, July 27, 2013. Fishing begins following mandatory meeting at Rock River Outfitters at 7:00 PM.


Where: the Rock River from Dixon to Rockford.
Weigh IN: The tournament weigh-in will be held at Rock River Outfitters.

Entry Fee: $40.00 per Team. (Optional $10 big fish pot per angler)
Cash, Check only before the tournament Start

Early Registration Bonus – Teams registered by July 20, 2013 will receive a $5 bait coupon per team.
Money will be refunded if the weather or river doesn’t cooperate.
Limit: 5 Fish (Flatheads and Channels or Blue). Fish must be alive.
100% payout to a Minimum of top 3 places up to 5 places payout depending on number of entries.

Bonus of $15.00 gift certificate to each first place team member if they have a Rock River Outfitters cash register receipt for bait dated the day (26th) of the tournament.
Mandatory rules meeting at 7:00 p.m. Friday, July 26.  At least one team member must be present.
1. Boats can be in the water anytime.
2. All boats must have proper lighting and safety equipment
3. 2 person teams (there may be a third person if he/she is under age 16).
4. All fish must be caught by Rod and Reel. Limit 6 poles per team.
5. A limit of 5 fish limit 14 inch minimum of Channel, Blue and Flathead catfish. Live fish only will be weighed in.   All live fish must be released following weigh in.
6. All State and Local laws apply.
7. Boats MUST have light(s) on at all times.

8. All teams must be in line to weigh-in by 6:00 AM.  Someone will be available all night for a weigh-in if you worry about keeping a fish alive.  That fish will be part of your team limit and cannot be replaced.
9. Late boats will be disqualified. (If you’re late, you donate)
10. All protests must be submitted to a Tournament Director in writing within 15 minutes of the weigh in.
11. Judges decisions will be final.
Send entries to:   Rock River Outfitters – 114 North River Road   Oregon Illinois 61061

Rock River Outfitters Night Stalker Catfish Tourney 2013

When: Friday, July 26, 2013 at 7 PM to Saturday, July 27 at 6 AM.

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By signing below, I agree to hold Tournament Director(s) and staff harmless from any liability, accident or injury associated with this tournament.
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Entry fee per team @ $40.00 ­­­________

Big fish per individual @ $10.00 Each (Optional) _________

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